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Welcome to i-Flo.com.  i-Flo is a family of products starting with a line of winter gloves called i-Flo  Macks MIT Winter Series.  The unique feature of these gloves is the middle, index, and thumb fingers retract and are held back by Velcro.  This exposes the inner glove made of fleece with touch screen material on each finger tip.  The "flip the tip" feature allows the user the ability to use touch screen devices without pulling the glove off and exposing the bare hands to the elements. We call these gloves Macks MIT.  It is the most functional glove in the market and will change the glove buying habits of consumers worldwide. Discover the power of touch!

John Mack, our founder, grew up in the Midwest and was always on his a  mountain bike and snowboard--long before they were considered mainstream. Never far from an adventure, he made his passion his business. Today, i-Flo has developed a line of gloves that will change the way 'action-sports' athletes use gloves worldwide. John has involved a group of avid outdoor enthusiast that  are serious about 'action-sports' and the pursuit of adventure. This group has the pulse on your needs and future needs when it comes to our family of products.   

Our History

We are a group of people who have a core belief in adventure and innovation blending together to create something very special that it has become our life's work.  Our i-Flo Macks MIT Winter Series line of gloves are the most functional line of gloves in the world today.  We are innovators at the highest level.  Our philosophy is simple: We create and innovate, but never imitate.  We kick ass and invent game changing products.

Live Life in Motion

We make the sickest gloves in the world, hands down!  #Goflo